July Success!

I made a post a couple weeks ago about taking a pause and setting some goals and getting life back in check. 

See that post here

One of my goals for July was to learn a new song on the piano, well START learning a new song and here is the song I have chosen… 

Für Elise by Beethoven

A classic! I learned this one almost 10 years ago so I figured it would be perfect to start back in the saddle. 

I also needed a date with my husband and I got one! We went out for dinner and ate so many breadsticks we were stuffed to the rafters before our actual meal came out! And it's always fun to dress up and have someone open your door for you every once in a while. 

I am also proud to say I have been drinking twice as much water as before! And it's crazy how much better I feel. No headaches, no belly aches. It's gotta be the life juice right? I just definitely need to keep it up and drink even more. 

As for the budget.. we figured it out and I was able to quit my part time job. Such a wonderful relief. Plus I get to hang with my kiddos all day! Mandatory quiet time and girl nights for sure! But sheesh I'm so grateful. 

As for some me time.. it usually came with a price. As in I would disappear for an amount of time and heaven knew what my kids were doing to my kitchen… usually a rather crazy mess. I'm learning! Hopefully I'll have a better report in this area next time. 

Consider July a mostly complete success!!

Now sit down and make some goals for August! Even if it's just one goal. It feels so good to accomplish things😊

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