August Goals

Yooooou guessed it! More goals. Always.

  • Keep playing the piano.
  • Make a daily {flexible} schedule and stick to it. Don't you worry I'm making a post JUST for this😉
  • No yelling. Less yelling. My kids has been spreading me thin these past few weeks… heaven help me.
  • Me time! I have been so much better about this and it helps. Immensely.
  • Start a graphic design class!!!
  • Go swim. For exercise. And fun.

Also with goals I feel the need to be grateful. My life is truly awesome! As crazed as I seem😅. I am so grateful this month for my love. My husband might question everything and drive me crazy with his opinions but all at the same time I wouldn't have it any other way. Recently he has put effort into things I didn't even know I needed. ❤️
Also I'm grateful for my body Attack class. I know I'm crazy. It has kept me in great shape and I've made some friends that I love.
My bath tub is making the list this month!! Between sore muscles and pregnancy and me need to calm down. I have spent quite a lot of time there..

Let's hear it! What are you grateful for?? What is a goal you're gonna make this month?

2 thoughts on “August Goals

Add yours

  1. I am thankful for my family, the country I live in, good friends, all the opportunities I have every day, for good food, I could keep going…

    My goals for the month: 1. Get my house deep cleaned because once school starts I won’t be able to clean much. 2. Turn in my application to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,
    3. I better not try and do more than that:)

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    1. Especially after going thousands of miles away on a vacation! Vacation is grand but I just love my house and bedπŸ˜‰ those goals are perfect!! I’ll come help you deep clean!


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