Love. You.

I am going to start doing one of these (fabulous, dig deep, change your life for the better) posts every week. I’ve been thinking, brainstorming, pondering.. how can I kick off this idea that I have?! I have a million ideas that need a beginning and that usually spurs more ideas.. but I think I’ve finally mapped it out. I know what the first step is to truly getting in touch with your wild side and getting your life just the way you want.

Love who you are.

Pretty simple right? But really and I heard these amazing quotes to help put that in perspective.

Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself magic starts happening.


Work on being in love with that person in the mirror. They are still standing even after all they’ve been through.

When you put effort into yourself and love into yourself and forget what anyone else thinks because what do they really truly know? When you do that it sets the terms of every other relationship around you. You don’t have time for the toxicity. No time for the ones that feel they need to pick apart your flaws. You attract other amazing people who are probably not perfect but will love you for you. Because they love themselves. Humans are capable of so much love so give some to yourself.

While this sounds so simple this didn’t happen for me over night. I still struggle with negativity I let in. It’s something I have to want and work for. And I do want it and work my buns off for it. And you know what I have noticed massive differences in just 1 year. Massive. Earth shattering. So I’m starting a course of sorts. If you want to use some of these ideas, do it! I thrive on a challenge and a list and this worked wonders for me. So keeping it very simple and customizable here’s the first lesson: find your why.

Why are you alive. What is your passion. You may have already found that. You may have found part of it. You can have multiple passions! That’s the beautiful part. There are no limits. Zero.

Finish this sentence: I love…
painting, my kids, exercise, traveling, organizing, bubble baths, history, my husband, reading, decorating, looking beautiful, planning parties and vacations, running..

Now I have a secret to share, remember that magic I said would happen after you find your self confidence? That’s real. Here’s how the magic happens.

You make a Mantra. It can be absolutely anything. Simple as finishing these sentences every. single. day.
I am… happy. ready.
I deserve… this vacation, $$$, this life.
I want.. a better relationship, an opportunity.

The universe, the magic, God, the energy. Whoever you view them as.. it is there and it will listen. Whether or not you are putting positivity out there. So why bring negativity on yourself?

Now here’s the price: Project positivity and pay it forward. Leave one extra dollar tip, go out of your way to remember someone on an occasion or any day, smile, say thank you. The list is endless!!

Lesson 1: You freaking deserve it. Because frankly you’re awesome and you are going to bring awesome things into the world. Own it.

Your job: think about & write down all the things you love and make a mantra. And say it. Every day. ❀️

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