Subconsciously Speaking

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There is a part of us. An instinct. Always there, always been there, always listening. It picks up every sentence uttered and turns it to truth.

You can never be wealthy.
You don’t deserve respect.
If you do ______ you won’t be loved


I know when I was researching and learning about he human subconscious I thought “No way.. I’m stronger than that.” Or “I turned out so different from ____” but let’s get real people.

What is holding you back?? How deep can we dive? What is it you want that just isn’t coming to you? Can you believe for one moment that the only thing standing between you and that what you desire most is your own self? Perhaps it’s not your fault.. watching how our parents lived and loved have huge impacts on our subconscious. Watching anyone that is close to us! Has huge impacts. It’s so true.

I’m gonna get real personal. Here’s one of mine. Ah, gees the tears are coming and I’m just writing! I learned/thought/believed my whole life that if I was immoral (engage in anything beyond a quick kiss on the lips, or thought about it, or looked at it, as in pornography and heavens forbid touch!!) in any way shape or form before I was married I would never make it to heaven. And maybe because I was so laser focused on not, I found myself in the most precarious situations… needless to say I failed. I did everything I could to fix it. I went to “leaders” “counselors” for years. And I just got to the point where I fixed it by myself to where I felt okay with myself.
Like I was still a good human.
Like I hadn’t ruined and wasted my chance at life.
These experiences have shaped me for the better mostly. Some scars are still there. I know I’m being vague but I’ve told people my stories and watching people’s reactions.. it began to make me believe I had taken these warnings all too seriously. You guys I’m normal! I’m perfectly normal. Imperfectly normal… but heaven worthy and marriage worthy.
Something that was eating my soul away for years all he sudden became obsolete once I changed MY thinking. Should I be worried for my salvation? Perhaps. But I needed to take a chill pill and realize I had not ruined my life.

Let’s also remember it’s not going to be just one thing. I have many corners of my subconscious that need some TLC and fixing. But start with one. And I’ll share more later, I believe it helps so much to share the deep dark scary things because we are not as alone as we think.

Dig deep friend. You deserve to live the dream. What do you want? Even if you have to pretend for a moment until you can see it’s gonna be real.

Something that helped me get perspective is think of someone whose life you would love to live!!! Or an aspect of someone’s life you love. What do you love about their life?? Why can’t you have that? Hello! Make it yours. Write it down. Tell yourself you can have it. Believe it. Say it’s yours every day and more importantly get off your bum and go work hard. Find that opportunity that’s going to get you your dream.

Lesson 2: just because your subconscious says so.. it isn’t so. You deserve to live your dream. (Have you seen Tangled?πŸ˜‚ go.. live your dream)

Your job: Dissect!! What have you been telling yourself that is holding you from your dream??

If I do ‘this’ then ‘that’ will happen.

Map out your dream life. It will be real. Say it.

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