My name is Haley. I started this blog for a couple reasons, first as a journal for my thoughts and to help my organize my brain. Second I have a few really awesome graphic design business ideas that will thrive if I have a blog! So I am learning everything possible but mostly just having fun.

A little about myself..

Married to the love of my life.

Mama bear to the cutest little boy and girl (and one more sweet boy on the way!).

Lover of the mountains and the beach, traveling in general.

Fitness enthusiast! I teach group fitness at a local gym.

Soldier (if only at heart) I served 8 years for my country. I LOVE America.

Appreciator of all things art. I love to paint and write fancy calligraphy.

Keepin’ it real. Wild. Raw.

5 feet tall. or 5 feet short. either works!

Seafood is no bueno.

Mini minimalist. As in I’m no pro but I love the idea of keeping things simple in my house and my mind!





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